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Lipogen PMS-FREE: the non-prescription, non-hormonal formula

PMS can ruin your life, but you are not alone. Now there's a solution to mood swings, depression, uneasiness and other problems you deal with month after month.

After years of research to understand the major challenges that women with PMS face, Lipogen has developed the right formula to relieve your PMS suffering. The Lipogen formula has been proven to reduce emotional and physical symptoms. It can even lower the kind of cognitive and social problems that women with PMS complain about. Lipogen PMS-FREE is here to help.

The Lipogen PMS-FREE formula is available in chewable tablets and softgels. Review the ingredient list here.

Get on with your life. Be PMS FREE!

Lipogen PMS-FREE is smart science

Lipogen PMS-FREE is the scientific formula whose quality ingredients work in synergy to reduce your PMS symptoms. Lipogen PMS-FREE is designed for you – to replenish the essential nutrients that your body may need.

The results speak for themselves


In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, PMS sufferers who took Lipogen PMS-FREE experienced a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, less fatigue, decreased bloating, fewer appetite disturbances and lowered impact on productivity. The level of their stress hormone, cortisol, also decreased. These women experienced less interference in relationships and a leveling out of mood swings.

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The reduction of overall symptom severity over the 4 menstrual cycles was significantly larger for subjects in the PMS-FREE group when compared to placebo.

What women are saying about Lipogen PMS-FREE

"My PMS was really bad. I dreaded the two weeks before my period and I hated the week of my period – leaving me only one week of sanity every month.

Lipogen PMS-FREE zapped my symptoms in no time. When I got back these two weeks, I felt like I got my life back!"

R. P., Long Island, NY

"I am a skeptic by nature, especially of nutritional supplements; even my husband says so. But when I saw that Lipogen PMS-FREE conducted an actual clinical study and published it in a scientific journal, I decided to try it.

Lipogen PMS-FREE was the perfect solution for me, someone who didn't want to take prescription medicine. Lipogen PMS-FREE got rid of my monthly symptoms and didn't mess with my hormones. "

M.L, Chicago, IL

About Lipogen The scientific advantage

Like science, Lipogen is synergy – the synergy between one of the world's leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by a consuming curiosity of what makes our brains and bodies function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and our passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing health by fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best.

30 countries worldwide
300+ professional Articles
5 clinical
10 patents
25+ years of experience

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