LIPOGEN PS+PA for stress management

Lipogen proudly presents a new solution for managing stress and cognitive health support. Lipogen PS+PA, a new patent protected, unique phospholipid nutraceutical solution. Scientifically designed and clinically proven to manage the high levels of modern life stress and to support brain’s cognitive functions and memory.

A high-quality blend of PhosphatidylSerine plus Phosphatidic Acid (PS+PA). This proprietary solution has been shown in two clinical studies(1,2) to alleviate stress response, including the management of cortisol levels and functionality under stress.


LIPOGEN offers high quality specialty Phospholipid nutrients for stress management and cognitive function support, enhancing well-being and improving quality of life.

With 25 years of pioneering biotech natural Phospholipid research, development and production, LIPOGEN integrates the perfect synergy between science, experience and quality to manufacture safe, effective, patented protected nutraceutical solutions.


Lipogen - Phospholipids for Better LivingLipogen – Phospholipids for Better Living

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Lipogen PSPA for Stress ManagementLipogen PSPA™ for Stress Management

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Phosphatidyl serine and phosphatidic acid complex-PSPAPhosphatidyl serine and phosphatidic acid complex (PSPA™)

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F e e d    Y o u r    M i n d

Lipogen research and clinical trials 

graph Stress Reduction

Helping you stay calm and relaxed, even in stressful situations.

In 2 double blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials, natural Lipogen PSPA was found to lower cortisol extraction levels in chronically stressed individuals reducing everyday stress and elevating mood.

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Study #1
Study #2

graphCognitive Support

Lifting “mental fog” regaining clear thought, memory recall, focus while boosting confidence and independence.

Clinically shown to help improve memory — Name recollection, boosting recall of visual landmarks and objects, improved recall of phone and groups of numbers as well as  improved story recollection.

Learn more:

Study #1

Lipogen Nutrients 

Phosphatidylserine + Phosphatidic acid

Phosphatidylserine + Phosphatidic acid



Phosphatidic Acid

Phosphatidic acid




Phosphatidylserine + Phosphatidic acid
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Wide range of applications

Products with Lipogen PSPA™

product-PS-PA-Synergy product-Fosfoser_Memory_90_kaps_082014 product-bottle
PS-PA Synergy
by Jarrow Formulas
Fosfoser Memory
by Hankintatukku Oy
Lipogen PS Plus
by Lipoegn USA



Lipogen has been granted a patent for Lipogen PSPA for stress reduction and cortisol control.


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