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Affiliate Program - Lipogen

Lipogen has been a leader in the revolution of developing targeted solutions aimed at fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best. We have leveraged our knowledge of cell biology and chemistry to deliver on this mission. Lipogen has come to be the perfect harmony between science, experience and quality – bridging a gap that existed between pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and nutrition. A benchmark in effectiveness and safety, Lipogen has transformed the industry with groundbreaking research and ever-evolving product discoveries.

Affiliate Benefits:

  • 5% commission on all qualifying sales (flexible increases for qualified partnerships)
  • Cookie life of 30 days
  • Prices range between $28.99-$104.97
  • Average Order Value: $100

Our products:

Lipogen PS Plus: Increases concentration and mental performance

The patented Lipogen PS Plus formula is the scientifically formulated nutritional supplement whose quality ingredients work in synergy to improve memory and brain performance. Lipogen researchers have perfected this formula, made from a precise balance of high-quality ingredients. Lipogen PS Plus is designed to enhance the performance of the body and brain.

Lipogen PMS-FREE: Reduces PMS Symptoms

The patented Lipogen PMS-FREE is a scientific formula whose quality ingredients work in synergy to reduce PMS symptoms. Lipogen researchers have perfected this nutritional supplement and proven its effectiveness in a published clinical study. Lipogen PMS-FREE is designed to absorb quickly in order to replenish essential nutrients in the body and reduce PMS symptoms.

Lipogen PSPA: Reduce Stress symptoms

Lipogen PSPA is a benchmark in stress reduction. Nearly all dietary supplements for stress rely on sedatives, such as valerian, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), rhodiola and theanine, to keep you calm. These ingredients are the same herbs used in sleep aids, but is a sleep aid really what you want when you are under pressure and need to be at the top of your game? Lipogen PSPA’s formula has no sedatives or stimulants – only active ingredients to help reduce stress, improve your mood and maintain your energy – without making you drowsy. With Lipogen PSPA, you can lower stress while still feeling alert.

Affiliates can be:
– Publishers
– Health and Wellness enthusiasts and bloggers
– Forums
– Review Sites
– Social Media Influencers

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