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Our brains influence everything we do – from functional to physical to emotional – which is why Lipogen is here for you with supplements to help you achieve optimal brain health.

Lipogen PSPA™

Stay calm and focused under stress

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Lipogen PS Plus™

Improves memory and focus

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What makes Lipogen unique?

Lipogen products are patented proven solutions – scientific formulas backed by successful clinical studies published in prominent international journals. Other products may contain small amounts of some similar ingredients, but they are not Lipogen's powerful formulas, and they will not deliver the results that Lipogen products do.

Does Lipogen work differently than other products?

Yes, Lipogen formulas are designed to give our brains the nutrients they need to perform. Most competing products are just a collection of herbs, but Lipogen is serious science – developed, tested and, of course, proven to help promote brain health.

How do Lipogen formulas work?

Each Lipogen formula contains key nutrients that make up the outer layers (membranes) of our nerve and brain cells. Supplementing with Lipogen formulas feeds these cells, helping keep them strong, flexible and functional. Lipogen formulas also have no known side effects or medication interactions.

Lipogen has no stimulants or sedatives. Other products do. Why?

Lipogen products don’t need sedatives or stimulants to work. Many other products rely on sedatives to calm you down, but make you sleepy, such as lemon balm, passion flower or valerian. Others contain stimulants such as caffeine or rhodiola that make you hyperactive.

Lipogen: the reviews are in.

"I have found that Lipogen PSPA has helped me keep my daily stress level manageable, and before an important meeting, I take a booster, and I'm able to better take the pressure."

I.P., Startup Founder

After several weeks of taking Lipogen PS Plus, I no longer have those frustrating slip-ups in remembering people’s names, events or my to-dos. My mind feels more at ease, and my "brain fog" is gone. My stream of thought simply flows and I’ve been getting more done in less time.

D.Z., Marketing Director

About lipogen The scientific advantage

Like science, Lipogen is synergy – the synergy between one of the world's leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by a consuming curiosity of what makes our brains and bodies function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and our passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing health by fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best.

100+ professional articles referencing Lipogen research
6 clinical
10 patents
25+ years of experience

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