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Winter blues
By Lipogen | Nov 17, 2020

How to fight winter blues

Now that the chill of fall is here, learn how to tackle seasonal sadness As the days get shorter and the cold weath...

Stress and Immune System

How does stress affect our immune system?

6 ways to manage stress and strengthen our immune system during this health crisis Our immune system is the body’s fi...


How common is PMS? Hint: You’re in “good” company

Do you suffer from PMS? Let’s talk about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) because, after all, millions of women worldwid...

brain power supplements

Hungry brain vs. thinking power

Snack attacks are not the only answer to a growling tummy. Keeping a strong mind can stop us from overeating and ward of...

exercise for cognition

Keep moving: It’s good for your brain’s health

Aerobic exercise can have a positive impact on cognitive function in addition to keeping your body in great shape. We...

Talks Brain Health and Stress

A health and science expert talks about how stress affects the brain

Watch this TED Talk about chronic stress – how it can affect our brain size, structure and function. It may even be pa...

Damaging stress

Protect your brain from damaging stress

Scientists say prolonged stress can have long-term effects how our brain functions including memory, cognition and atten...

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation effects on the brain: Tips to using sleep to calm the mind and stay healthy

Insufficient sleep puts us at risk of obesity, heart disease, frequent mental distress, mood disorders and Alzheimer�...

A Brain Hack to Break the Coronavirus Anxiety Cycle

Dear Lipogen's readers, We believe you will find the following article recently published in the and writte...

brain training

Want to stay sharp? Do crossword puzzles or sudoku

Research shows that brain training and solving puzzles can keep your brain 10 years younger We all have those forgetf...

PMS tension

Can Stress Exacerbate PMS Symptoms?

There may be reasons why premenstrual syndrome used to be called “premenstrual tension”. As if being stressed isn...

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