Lipogen PS Plus™

Boosts memory and concentration

Clinically studied and proven.
Scientifically optimized formula.

  • Sharpens brain function and memory
  • Enhances focus and clarity
  • Helps improve quality of life
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The Lipogen PS Plus formula is the scientifically formulated nutritional supplement whose quality ingredients work in synergy to improve memory and brain performance. Lipogen researchers have perfected this formula, made from a precise balance of high-quality ingredients. Lipogen PS Plus is designed for the body and brain to use quickly.

  • PATENTED – THE ONLY FORMULA OF ITS KIND: Lipogen manufactures all key ingredients, which helps ensure effectiveness, potency and quality.
  • PROVEN IN CLINICAL STUDIES to sharpen brain function, memory and concentration; enhance focus, creativity and learning capacity; decrease stress; and lift mood.
  • THE GOLD STANDARD SCIENTIFIC FORMULA: Concentrated and optimized. Compare: Contains daily serving shown effective in published scientific studies.
  • PURE – NO INGREDIENTS THAT CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS: No ingredients that affect blood pressure (no ginkgo). No ingredients that make you sleepy (no bacopa monnieri or valerian).
  • PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE UNIQUELY AND PRECISELY FORMULATED (daily serving of 300 mg) with natural activators: phosphatidic acid (PA) and MCT oil.


Clinical Study

Clinical Study

The Lipogen PS Plus formula has been proven in multiple research studies.

  • The results speak for themselves (in a 90-day study conducted on 57 men and women)
  • The findings showed that Lipogen PS Plus clearly improved cognitive performance.
  • According to the Wechsler Memory Scale, people who took Lipogen PS Plus (2070 mg per day) had improved memory, focus and cognition. Subjects also experienced enhanced mood.


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