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Lipogen PSPA normalizes stress reactivity in chronically stressed male subjects

This study examined the effects of daily Lipogen PSPA supplementation on the endocrine stress response to a psychosocial stressor.


About 50 healthy male volunteers were allocated to either the placebo or the Lipogen PSPA group for this 42-day double-blind, placebo-controlled study. They were stratified by low versus high chronic stress level and assigned randomly.


Chronic stress was measured with the Trier Inventory for Chronic Stress (TICS). The six-week supplementation period was followed by an acute stress test (Trier Social Stress Test – TSST), which caused hyper-responsivity of the HPAA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) in chronically stressed subjects.


Compared to placebo, Lipogen PSPA supplementation was effective in normalizing the ACTH, salivary and serum cortisol responses to the TSST in chronically high stressed subjects. There were no significant effects of Lipogen PSPA supplementation on heart rate, pulse transit time or psychological stress response.

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