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Lipogen has been innovating and manufacturing phospholipids since 1991. The company was the first to introduce phosphatidylserine (PS) globally and clinically test soy-lecithin-based PS. Lipogen raw ingredients, used as ingredients in a variety of products, have been shown safe and effective in extensive clinical research. Lipogen delivers high quality products at competitive prices. Patented Lipogen formulas have applications in cognitive function, stress management, enhancing well-being, women's health and improving quality of life.

+ Phosphatidylserine is the only dietary supplement that has FDA
qualified health claims related to cognitive function and dementia


A vital phospholipid notable for its role in memory and cognitive health. PS is mainly concentrated in the brain and nerve tissue, and is essential to nerve-cell function. PS is the only dietary ingredient with two FDA qualified health claims related to reducing risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly. Clinical studies have demonstrated that daily supplementation with PS can support healthy brain function.

Phosphatidic acid

This lipid has important roles in cell signaling, membrane curvature, and metabolic regulation in all organisms. Recent studies identified that daily supplementation with PA may stimulate increases in muscle size, promote lean body mass and strengthen brain function.


Phosphatidylcholines are a class of phospholipids that are a major component of cell membranes. Phosphatidylcholines are believed to help brain-related functions, such as memory and anxiety mitigation.

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