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Like science, Lipogen is synergy – the synergy between one of the world’s leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by a consuming curiosity of what makes our brains function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and our passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing cognitive health.

A team that has always been ahead of its time

When we launched Lipogen as a modest start-up, dietary supplements were mostly just basic vitamins. Lipogen has been a leader in the sophisticated revolution of developing targeted solutions aimed at fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best. We have leveraged our knowledge of cell biology and chemistry to deliver on this mission. Lipogen has come to be the perfect harmony between science, experience and quality – bridging a gap that existed between pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and nutrition. A benchmark in effectiveness and safety, Lipogen has transformed the industry with groundbreaking research and ever-evolving product discoveries.

There’s plenty to learn from our success

What you’ll find when you meet Lipogen is a team that believes in what it does. Perhaps taking Lipogen’s products over the years for cognitive function and stress reduction has helped us stay on top of our game.
A well-kept secret among manufacturers for over 25 years, Lipogen’s gold-standard products are now available directly to consumers.
One thing’s for sure: the key to Lipogen’s success is not magic; our company’s winning team has invested non-stop in everything we do so that customers can get the maximum from our products.

We believe that the environment and the living beings sharing it should be protected, and that this mission takes precedent over Lipogen company activity and profitability.

We believe that our products can provide you with better health and quality of life.

Our facilities meet the highest international standards and our continuous quality improvement program ensures that they remain that way.

We believe in equal opportunity for all qualified persons and prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. We hire people with special needs.

For us, these guiding principles make us better people
on this earth that we all inhabit together.

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