The powerful Lipogen PS Plus formula restores brain nutrients

If your mind is not as sharp as it used to be, join the club. It happens to most of us, but fortunately, you can do something about forgetfulness, brain fatigue and the stress that goes along with memory loss and mental decline.
Lipogen scientists, the brain health experts for over 25 years, have perfected the formula to help restore your memory and cognitive performance. The secret is that Lipogen PS Plus replenishes essential brain nutrients that may be missing as we get older.

Lipogen PS Plus has been proven to boost memory and concentration, so you can be on top of your game.

Get your mind back on track with Lipogen PS Plus.

Sharpen your focus!

Lipogen PS Plus: Brain science at work

Lipogen PS Plus is scientifically formulated with ingredients that work in synergy to improve your mental performance. It is designed to replenish key ingredients that your brain and body need to perform at its peak.

The clinical results say it all.

What's important to know

What makes Lipogen PS Plus unique?

Only Lipogen PS Plus offers this patented solution based on published successful clinical results. Other products may contain small amounts of some similar ingredients, but they are not Lipogen PS Plus's powerful formula and dosage, and will not deliver the results that Lipogen PS Plus does..

Lipogen PS Plus does not have side effects such as drowsiness, but other products do. Why?

Check your labels. Many products contain sedatives that cause drowsiness, such as bacopa monnieri, valerian ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) or theanine. Most products rely on ginkgo biloba, which can affect blood pressure, or rhodiola rosea, which may cause chest pain, anxiety or headaches. Lipogen PS Plus has none of these ingredients and no known side effects.

Does Lipogen PS Plus work differently than other memory products?

Yes, Lipogen PS Plus is in a league of its own, especially when compared to herbal products. While most other products can only "support" memory and focus, Lipogen PS Plus has been shown in clinical studies to boost memory and cognitive function.

How does Lipogen PS Plus work?

Lipogen PS Plus contains the key nutrients that make up the outer layers (membranes) of your nerve and brain cells, the cells that are critical to thought, memory and reaction. Supplementing with Lipogen PS Plus feeds these cells, helping keep them strong, flexible and functional.

Hear what people are saying about Lipogen PS Plus

"I have tried several other supplements to address my age-related memory issues. Prescription drugs are not an option for me as my condition is too mild for their use. After 6 weeks or so taking Lipogen PS Plus, I have experienced a noticeable improvement in short-term memory and somewhat easier recall of long-term memory… I am pleased with the results."

Verified Amazon Customer

"I no longer have the memory lapses I experienced before, and my recall and focus are once again effortless!"

D.L., New Jersey

"I didn't realize what the product did for me until I ran out. I would be unable to come up with a word or a name or would forget to do something obvious and soon realized it must have been because I wasn't taking the Lipogen. Those were the reasons I started taking it. It makes an amazing difference."

R. H., Oregon

About Lipogen The scientific advantage

Like science, Lipogen is synergy – the synergy between one of the world's leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by a consuming curiosity of what makes our brains and bodies function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and our passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing health by fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best.

30 countries worldwide
300+ professional articles
5 clinical
10 patents
25+ years of experience

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