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Leadership - Lipogen

Lipogen was founded in 1991 as a biotechnology start-up by ambitious entrepreneurs and prominent scientists.

Doron was responsible for forging new business relationships and expanding globally. His career-long expertise in economics and finance helped set Lipogen on a successful trajectory and meet profitability targets. Doron’s leadership skills set the stage for Lipogen’s dynamic, team-oriented culture. An exceptional man and role model, Doron dedicated much of his time to contributing to society and helping others, activities that were an inseparable part of his life. He instilled these values of community support in his colleagues, friends and family alike. Doron received his BA in economics. Early in his career, Doron was a captain in the Israeli Navy, commanding a submarine squadron, which may explain his later love of the fresh outdoors.

Ilan is responsible for making the Lipogen organization hum. He has a keen eye for simplifying complexity, which is perfect for his role in directing product manufacturing so that it reaches maximum efficiency, quality and safety. An industrial designer at heart, Ilan finds ways to bring added value to business and community initiatives. His passion for helping others succeed has been key to the company’s success over the past 25+ years. He is has introduced a program to integrate workers with special needs into operations for win-win outcomes. When he’s not working, Ilan is volunteering in the community or pursuing one of his many diverse interests, such as introducing aviation-related programs in local high schools. One of his hobbies is ancient maritime history, about which he has published several articles. Ilan served as an officer in the Israeli Naval Forces, commanding in a submarine squadron. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Haifa.

David has been developing nutritional supplements for the past 25 years, but he looks, acts and thinks like a much younger version of himself. In fact, after taking Lipogen products since they were launched, his memory is excellent. David directs the company’s clinical trial, licensing and product patent activities, responsible for numerous publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. David holds multiple patents for novel phospholipids in products used throughout the world. He has advised leadership in the highest echelon of the Israeli government on science and technology. As a philanthropist, David chairs the Rutenberg House non-profit, which provides education in leadership and technology and youth enrichment programs in Israel and around the world. David received his BS in engineering. He began his career in the Israeli Navy’s submarine division, reaching the position of commander.

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