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Lipogen PMS-FREE: the non-prescription, non-hormonal formula

PMS can ruin your life, but you are not alone. Now there's a solution to mood swings, depression, uneasiness and other problems you deal with month after month. 


After years of research to understand the major challenges that women with PMS face, Lipogen has developed the right formula to relieve your PMS suffering. The Lipogen formula has been proven to reduce emotional and physical symptoms. It can even lower the kind of cognitive and social problems that women with PMS complain about. Lipogen PMS-FREE is here to help.


The Lipogen PMS-FREE formula is available in chewable tablets and softgels. Review the ingredient list here.

Get on with your life. Be PMS FREE!

Lipogen PMS-FREE is smart science

Lipogen PMS-FREE is the scientific formula whose quality ingredients work in synergy to reduce your PMS symptoms. Lipogen PMS-FREE is designed for you – to replenish the essential nutrients that your body may need.

The results speak for themselves


In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, PMS sufferers who took Lipogen PMS-FREE experienced a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, less fatigue, decreased bloating, fewer appetite disturbances and lowered impact on productivity. The level of their stress hormone, cortisol, also decreased. These women experienced less interference in relationships and a leveling out of mood swings.

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The reduction of overall symptom severity over the 4 menstrual cycles was significantly larger for subjects in the PMS-FREE group when compared to placebo.

What you want to know

Is Lipogen PMS-FREE different from a dietary supplement?

Yes, Lipogen PMS-FREE is in a league of its own, especially when compared to herbal "PMS support" products. Lipogen PMS-FREE has no sedatives – only active ingredients to help reduce PMS symptoms and maintain energy, without inducing drowsiness.

Are there other products like Lipogen PMS-FREE?

No, Lipogen PMS-FREE the only product of its kind that has been proven in scientific studies to reduce the intense emotional and physical symptoms that plague women with PMS. Lipogen PMS-FREE also alleviates social and cognitive symptoms of PMS.

What makes Lipogen PMS-FREE unique?

Lipogen PMS-FREE is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA and is produced according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). Only the patented Lipogen PMS-FREE formula, with clinically proven results, offers this solution.

With What can I do if hormones and anti-depressants are not options?

Lipogen PMS-FREE may just be an ideal solution to break your monthly cycle of suffering. With Lipogen PMS-FREE, you can supercharge your body with nutrients to help arm against PMS symptoms.

What women are saying about Lipogen PMS-FREE

PMS used to be the worst for me🙁. I was exhausted, cranky, achy, and even depressed sometimes. My family would hide from me! A friend recommended that I try PMS-FREE, and I'm pleased with the results! I'm in a much better mood, I can focus again, and not scare everyone around me with my mood swings (which are much more low-key now, if they happen at all)🙂. I highly recommend to try Lipogen


I bought this after finding out about the research about improved PMS/PMDD symptoms. I do feel better since using it. I’ve been taking it for four months now. I find it hard to remember to take it 3 times a day. So I normally take it twice. In addition, I’ve increased my amount of exercise and am taking other supplements. So I can’t say for sure that this is the only reason I feel better.


About Lipogen The scientific advantage

Like science, Lipogen is synergy – the synergy between one of the world's leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by a consuming curiosity of what makes our brains and bodies function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and our passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing health by fortifying our cells, tissues, organs and bodies to help them work at their best.

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