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exercise for cognition
By Lipogen | Jun 8, 2020

Keep moving: It’s good for your brain’s health

Aerobic exercise can have a positive impact on cognitive function in addition to keeping your body in great shape. We...

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation effects on the brain: Tips to using sleep to calm the mind and stay healthy

Insufficient sleep puts us at risk of obesity, heart disease, frequent mental distress, mood disorders and Alzheimer...


What are nootropics?

How would you feel if you knew you could boost your memory? What would you say if there was a way to better focus? And w...

Sharpen Your Memory with Brain Science and Nutrition

Great coverage in several USA newspapers about the story of Lipogen PS Plus! Like most people you probably think age-...

Brain Booster in a Bottle? Don’t Bother? Or…Do Bother Learning the Facts

What helps slow cognitive decline? Several recent newspaper articles have challenged the effectiveness of nutritional s...

10 Great Foods to Boost Your Brain, Health and Memory

Keeping a healthy brain is vital if you want the rest of your body to work properly. The brain is the command center of...

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