Interesting Causes of Short-Term Memory Loss

BY admin | October 16, 2018

Many assume that memory loss is only related to aging, however this assumption has been proven false through a series of documented research. One prime example is something commonly known as pregnancy brain. Young women who have become pregnant have potentially experienced short-term memory loss, which may or may not ever improve after giving birth. This shows that memory loss can occur at various stages of life.

Some of the more interesting causes of memory loss are often misdiagnosed because many are unfamiliar with the causes. Here are some thought-provoking facts as to what may have an impact on short-term memory loss within the human race.

Sleep Apnea
A generous majority of people who have experienced sleep apnea have been diagnosed with short-term memory loss as a result. This sleep disorder occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep on a regular basis. People who experience sleep apnea will often wake up because their breathing has stopped and then fall back into a slumber state only to be woken again and so forth. The effects include lack of oxygen to the brain, short-term memory loss, fatigue, sleep terrors and insomnia. This sleeping disorder can often be treated.

It’s no surprise some medications cause short-term memory loss; what is interesting, however, is that some commonly prescribed medications tend to cause this very worrisome side effect. Sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, selective painkillers, diabetic medication and antihistamines are among the culprits that have been known to affect memory.

Depression, Anxiety and Stress
Three common emotional factors that have been documented as causes of impaired memory such as misplacing items or forgetting why you have entered a room have been linked to depression, anxiety, stress and in some instances all of the above mentioned. Left untreated, these conditions and symptoms could worsen and cause severe health problems.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse
The abuse of narcotics or liquor has been commonly known to cause many side effects, one of which being short-term memory loss. Heavy drinkers and users have been scientifically proven to have more memory lapses than adults who drink less frequently.

Nutritional Deficiency
Nutrition plays an enormous role in the health of one’s memory. The saying, “Healthy mind, healthy body” isn’t without substance. Poor eating habits, lack of nutrients and water, insufficient vitamin B12 and many other dietary issues can affect brain performance, including memory loss. Reevaluating and correcting the state of one’s health can remedy some effects of nutritional deficiency and help contribute to a longer, healthier living experience.

Although the above causes of short-term memory loss may be fairly new to people who are only just starting to experience some symptoms, early and prolonged care for one’s body may even result in a healthier lifestyle and memory, which could help you remember where you put your car keys!

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